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kryptonrays's Journal

Krypton Rays Fuel my Cosmic Rocket Machine Suit
13 December
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Krypton Rays Fuel My Ultimate Cosmic Rocket Machine Suit.
One in every thousand readers exhibits genuine superhuman abilities!

Make no mistake, it is the sexiest, most informative, downright fun resource for Comic Book reviews on the internet right now. Various celebrities have cited it as the second coming of Jesus Christ in Comic Blog form.

Krypton Rays will make you more attractive to the opposite sex... hell, even to the same sex... Krypton Rays will improve your body odour, Krypton Rays won't make you breathe under water, but might bestow this and other abilities upon your future offspring. Krypton Rays will raise your Sperm Count.

****Whilst reading Krypton Rays, it is imperative that you not operate heavy machinery, unless otherwise stated by your GP. Do not read Krypton Rays if you are pregnant - as it has been known to upset the foetus in the womb. Drinking will not adversely affect you whilst reading Krypton Rays, but may in fact improve the experience - and help you reach a perpetual state of drunken orgasm.

In no known cases has Krypton Rays ever shown to be responsible for Cancer, Heart Attacks, Strokes, or Scottish. In rare circumstances - it may expand your mind, broadening your perceptions to a point where you might look upon God in his entirety and weep. Also there have been cases of increased Libido, sexual prowess and so forth - this is natural, and should go away completely if you cease reading Krypton Rays.****

When reading Krypton Rays it is strongly suggested that you read from left to right, as this is the format in which it has been written. Attempts to read Krypton Rays from right to left have been known to result in dementia and/or temporal/dimensional displacement. Krypton Rays is not responsible for your well-being should this potential inevitability arise.

Krypton Rays is - and always will be non-profit. No subscription will now, or ever be needed to read Krypton Rays. To start your free trial period of Krypton Rays, please visit this page; http://kryptonrays.livejournal.com/

About Me:

My name is Michael Vincent Bramley, I'm an Englishman living in Brooklyn, New York - and plan to one day working in the comic industry as a writer/penciller.

I am married to illustrator Alice Meichi Li (www.alicemeichi.com). I love her very much, and I feel that she is driving me to great things. One day we will take over the world and spread order and chaos wherever we see fit, but until then - our ambitions primarily involve artwork and fine foods.

My rarely updated personal blog can be found at; explodingsuns.livejournal.com.

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